DEEP TOWERS was founded in 2013 as a 100% web-based startup company located in Nigeria. It was initialy created to be a small internet company to express creative novel business ideas, especially disruptive innovation models for online users.

Over the years, DEEP TOWERS have readily operated with a lean team, and using the assistance of external partners, and advisors. We’ve also worked with a number of companies, offering effective, creative, and reliable business consultations to sustain their progress on the path of growth.

Now at 4 years, We’re celebrating a milestone, with an international business collaboration involving two companies in South Africa:

(1) IMPEX DYNAMIC SUPPLIES (, a Global Import & Export Consultants, located in Johannesburg. Impex Dynamic Supplies is all about Importing & Exporting in Africa and Globally.


(2) MY WASTE PRODUCTS (, located in Gauteng. My Waste Products is a new company in the recycling industry, manufacturing and supplying 100% Recycled Plastic Furnitures. As the Sales Representative, DEEP TOWERS is responsible for the sales and marketing as well as the assembly and installation of different range of recycled products in the Lagos area, and all surroundings of Nigeria.

Both deals are estimated to see a volume of trade in excess of over $3 million per annum.

The position of a Co-founder is now just being considered. An individual who will bring experience, knowledge, connections, and true leadership qualities, as well as being an entrepreneur who have successfully founded other startup companies anywhere in the world.

DEEP TOWERS is in the process of being fully incorporated as an LTD (limited liability company) with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Abuja, under the following business categories:

→Online services
→Business consultancy
→Job creation,
→Trading company
→Investment company

The Co-founder will be registered as the 2nd director of the company, and about 50,000 – 100,000 founder shares will be legally allotted to his/her name. However, in exchange the Co-founder is expected to willingly contribute and inject an agreed sum of money (about $5,000 – $10,000 which can just be enough to cover the cost of incorporating the company, settling legal fees, and paying off outstanding fees and compensation to partners who have worked so hard for many months to bring DEEP TOWERS to this present level).  All the statutory legal procedures will be dully followed in registering the Co-founder to become part of the company.

Co-Founders interested to work with us, can send an email using any of these emails. We’ll be glad to hear from you!


We designed a #NovelOnlineModel that will allow users to be able to leverage the power of social media communication, a website, and their mobile phones; while being able to easily position themselves and stand the chance to luckily win the proposed limited big cash rewards, at the end of the #QuizTournament.

At the moment, DEEP TOWERS is currently listed on Gust as it is seeking to raise seed funding from angel investors to be able to carry out a Beta and Alpha test, for the purpose of customer discovery and customer validation, respectively. After which it will be raising another round of funding (Series A) from venture capitalists, to develop the full product and eventually bring the first product to the market.

The name of the Co-Founder(s) will be mentioned on the company website, across all our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) , and blog.
The journey of our startup since its early days has not been so easy, but the most important thing is that we’re making meaningful progress, to stay on the path of growth. Now, even as we are celebrating a milestone, we still remain true to our Mission. Our recent global expansion through the business collaboration with lmpex Dynamic Supplies, and My Waste Products is something the whole team back here at home are very proud of.

We will be starting the new business year with an important meeting in South Africa, between all the companies involved, to foster a strong relationship, and to put heads together to discuss how to effectively sustain business growth in the West Africa region, starting from Nigeria.

Also, using this great occasion to thank and appreciate all our clients, partners, and members of our team who have made the company to survive through its development period. We are proud of you all, and remain grateful for all your contributions.
Looking forward to a successful new business year starting from June, 2017; and more collaboration with international investors, entrepreneurs, and companies across the globe.

Founder & Director, DEEP TOWERS

Company website:


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